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Anthony is a truly gifted healer. He has helped reduce my anxiety and build my self-confidence. I had never heard of the healing power of Angelic Healing before, and the sessions with Anthony exceeded all expectations and opened a new perspective in my life.

Anthony is generous and kind and I felt completely safe in his hands.

CW Northwest London

I visited Anthony in London for healing both before and after an operation and found the experience calming and helpful. Anthony allows healing frequencies to come through him to help stimulate your body’s own innate healing wisdom. In my case he worked through the aura whilst I listened to relaxing music on a couch and I felt comfortable and at ease with his ‘hands off’ approach. Anthony works with integrity, he is a sympathetic listener and his healing intention is always for the highest good of all. He has kindly continued to take an interest in my progress by telephone. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony for a healing session.

DD East Sussex

Over one weekend, Anthony completely healed me from months of continual and severe backache. I had tried therapy and massage, which only gave me short-lived and partial relief from the pain. After one session with Anthony and a good night’s uninterrupted sleep, the pain had been completely released and I have not suffered a return of the back pain since. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy an active life again.

NH Hertfordshire

I would strongly recommend Anthony’s Angelic Healing therapy as it really helped me. His methods of counselling provide an extremely calming effect and quick results in resolving emotional and mental traumas and helps you to also find your innermost fears, which may be holding you back from healing or achieving so much more in life - he helps you unlock those suppressed emotions, and hence your potential. Super thankful to him for helping me through a time in my life which I can which I can only describe as difficult, and his approach helped me overcome a lot and set certain things straight.

D H Islington, London

Anthony, you have transformed my life. My work requires me to be on my feet for most of the day, so when you suggested that you could help me with a knee injury that I had suffered from for several years, I was initially sceptical. However, after the first healing session with you, I felt calmer and happier, and I felt all tension slowly leaving my body. I can now work again without any pain and during lock-down I have been able to spend much of my free time walking, something I hadn’t done for years.

GC West London

I was initially nervous as Anthony’s healing methods are so unusual and unconventional. They were difficult to accept as they are so far removed from conventional medicine. However, I was desperate and was determined to keep off sleeping tablets.

I could feel the energy exchanged. It had a positive impact on my emotional and mental state. I can feel a great change in myself as I look inside and face my fears and anxieties and forgive myself. This is part of the self-healing process, and I can feel the calm, the mental peace and more joy in my life. I feel more balanced emotionally and my sleep issues have now totally disappeared.

A very special thanks to Anthony, who made me comfortable enough to open-up and made me understand myself in a better way. You are a kind and patient listener.

JR Harrow Middlesex

When I went to Anthony for Angelic Healing, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was somewhat sceptical. However, as soon as I arrived at his Islington therapy room, he set me at ease. He started the process by showing me how to breathe properly and relax.

I had experienced a flare-up of back pain at the time of this session. Anthony is a gifted healer and when his hands are held near my head, neck and heart, I can feel the warmth of the healing energy which flows from head to toe. A session with him brings a release of pain which gradually increases over time. I have had three sessions and each time I feel a greater sense of clarity and calmness and I am now able to drive safely and work without the constant pain I had endured for many months. Thank you, Anthony!

KB, Camden, London

I had recently lost a parent, and felt profoundly sad, distraught and lonely. I was so overwhelmed with grief that it seemed I was at total odds with world around me and I was constantly tearful and angry too. I as suffering from insomnia, migraines and aching in my arms and legs.

I have seen Anthony now for several sessions and while I am lying on his healing couch, I become so relaxed that I drift in and out of a deep sleep losing all track of time. I have been able to release all my pent-up emotions buy the end of each session, and Anthony is always there with a handy box of tissues to assist with the tears of release that overwhelm me each time.

I am now so much happier and have discovered a greater sense of clarity and peace. Angelic Healing has helped me to cope with these challenging issues and I would strongly recommend anyone who needs help with physical and emotional pain caused by grief to seek out Anthony’s compassionate assistance.

WE North London

I was recommended to Anthony a few months ago by a friend because I was having severe migraine headaches and shoulder pain and not sleeping more than 3 hours per night. This had been going on for years. I received Angelic Healing at his clinic in Islington and after the first visit, the stress pains in my shoulders had decreased I was sleeping for 6-7 hours per night. I haven't had a headache since. I'm grateful for the knowledge and understanding that Anthony gave me. He has changed my life for the better and for that I am truly thankful.

CB Shoreditch, London

I have been aware of the build-up of involuntary movements of the face arms and legs in my body since I was young. Sometimes these tics can be accompanied by vocal tics such repetitive as throat clearing. I tried Angelic Healing with Anthony and I noticed from the outset he has this miraculous ability to help me to lie still without movement and to remain calm throughout the session. No other healer other than Anthony has been able to do this. I have had a series of sessions and I can confirm that the occurrences of these involuntary body movements have decreased over the period of receiving healing. During the session, I am aware of a surge of healing energy coming in, creating a constant and intense vibration, especially in my legs and out through the feet.

CS Surrey

I injured my right ankle from a sports injury. I was able to walk, but my ankle was swollen, was continually aching and it really hurt when walking. To my surprise, Anthony used his hands to move healing energy through what seemed to be my whole body. He explained that the energy would go precisely to where it was needed and not just my ankle. After the first appointment, the swelling was reduced, I could walk more easily, and one week later, after the second session, all the swelling had gone and there was absolutely no discomfort, and one week later I was able to go ahead with a walking holiday I had organised, which I feared I would have to cancel. This was my first encounter with Angelic Healing, and I am now totally won over.
Thank you so much Anthony.

HS Northwest London

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