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Welcome to our world of Angelic Healing

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If you are in perfect health, your life is in perfect balance, you are surrounded by abundance, you have everything you could possibly wish for and your relationships are harmonious and loving, then you are truly blessed!

If on the other hand, all is not so blissful in your life, you have anxiety, a feeling that something bad might happen, or you wake up in the middle of the night with a sense of doom, and you wish to change your situation; or you are just curious, which is why you are reading this, then you have already taken the first steps on this vital journey to a more joyful and healthy existence.

The fact is that well-being is your natural state and all you deserve. God's will for you is perfect happiness. You are a child of God and as a soul, you are perfect and it is my task to help you remember who you are and that you are created in God’s image. It is the task of God, The Angelic Forces and myself to elevate you to the truth of who you really are and restore to you your perfection in this world.

Who am I?

I am Anthony Stewart, a Healer living and healing in London and beyond. My task as a Healer is to ask God directly to provide you with God's energy of healing Love and healing Light. I also ask what are known as the Angelic Realms, these are placements of love and light closest to Creator, to amplify God's healing energy and anchor it in your soul.

Through this process, I lead you into God’s Energy and assist you to restore yourself back to perfect health. Sounds too good to be true? Then sit down, take two deep breaths and prepare yourself for the most important journey of your life!

You came to this site because you may be concerned about your health or the health of a loved one. You may suspect that things are not quite right, you may feel out of balance. If you have seen a doctor and the doctor has identified a certain condition, you may be feeling uncertain and fearful.

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What is my healing process?

Healing is brings your entire being back to a state of wholeness. It is about aligning your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual natures so they synergistically support the healing. It is about opening to higher consciousness and guidance for every challenge we experience in life.

Healing means going beyond positive thinking and working all the way through problems. It is the only path to true knowledge, fulfilment and spiritual growth. At this stage, our aim is to understand the cause, the purpose and the reason of every problem or trial we encounter in our lives.

An important part of the healing process is stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Basically, every living creature is energy and is dependent on the energy that comes directly from its creator, from its source, in other words from God, and it is this that causes us to be alive. As humans we sometimes unconsciously prevent some of God’s energy from reaching us. If this life-energy is low, we are more likely to get sick and feel stress. The important task of the Healer is to facilitate the removal of those blockages so that the maximal amount of energy can come through for you. You are then more capable of being happy and healthy.

Can anyone be healed?

The first requirement I ask of you is that should want to be healed.You may be thinking "Why wouldn't I want to be healed?" However, you should be aware that there are some people who actually prefer to suffer from sickness, so that they can blame outside circumstances for their condition, or even simply like the attention they receive from others during their sickness. No amount of healing will be effective for them.

The second requirement is that you must be prepared to put your trust in God's unconditional and total love for you and know that everything that God bestows upon you is for your highest good.

For a full list of medical conditions that can be improved by God's Healing just Click here.

What then is my role in your healing?

As your healer, an important part of my task is stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. This involves some meditation and prayer, requesting God’s healing energy to enter with the assistance of the realm or placement of pure love and light closest to Creator. It is administered not by a ‘laying-on of hands’. For the most part, while I prefer to be with you and close to you, I do not need to physically touch you. My hands play an important role in that they are the conduit for God’s healing energy which is amplified and anchored through the angelic realms. I therefore am the "bridge" between God or Source, and you, the client.

Is that all there is to it?

No, not exactly. Healing can be temporary, affording some relief from pain or stress, or it can be long-lasting. My job is to help you reach a state of relief so that you do not have to keep coming back to me for more healing. My task is to provide effective healing. Healing is a process which takes some time. We also have to go further and discover the root cause or causes of your sickness for a long-lasting healing.

Healing is not just about addressing the superficial cause of sickness and pain, like using a ‘band aid’ or sticking plaster. It is so much more than that. To begin to explain the concept of ‘bringing ourselves back to a state of wholeness’, each of us must address some important questions:

  • What physical part of me requires healing?
  • What does it need?
  • What areas or situations in my life need focus and healing?
  • What ailments, vices, fears or challenges in my life do I want to heal?

    Paying close attention to the answers, I can help you to see life from a different, transformational perspective.

Do I have to be religious?

As with all energy healing, my healing is a system of harnessing God’s Energy or what some people would prefer to call Source Energy. I am not interested whether you believe in God or not at the moment. That is of no importance to me. It is a safe, natural, high-frequency, multidimensional system of healing and consciousness-expansion. However, my healing allows a connection from God’s energy or Source energy to your own energy, and manifests a powerful healing. Remember, all of us are energy, in fact everything in the universe is energy.

As I said previously, the Angelic Realms, the placements of pure love and light which are closest to Creator, are the channel through which God’s energy or Source energy is amplified, transmitted and anchored in you. During the healing process, we all become one, uniting our consciousness and energy. Everyone responds to this coming together of energy and consciousness in their own individual way according to their own path in life and their development. However, many of you will feel the energy flowing through you during the treatment and for some time afterwards, although this not essential. Whether you can feel the energy or not, the energy will be flowing through your physical and energetic body and the healing will go to precisely where it is needed.

My healing will transform your body, your emotions and your mind, and therefore your life.

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Why do we suffer from illness?

The most fundamental cause of humanity's physical and mental problems is the inhibited flow of energy. Directly or indirectly, nearly all of our problems have at least some of and often all of their origin in energy levels. Anyone living in the world's large cities like London will know just how tiring and stressful life can be at times. Think of our bodies like a rechargeable battery, using the Earth and Source to recharge. The Earth helps us to heal and gives us everything we need to survive and works with Source to connect to a spiritual energy that continually keeps our bodies alive and moving. We have a constant flow of energy entering and animating our bodies through energy centres known as Chakras.

All of us are, as an energy body, truly vibrating in unique electromagnetic waves. All physical health problems, emotional disturbances and financial issues are related to energy blocks or imbalances, caused by our mental state, at the same time lowering our energetic vibrational rate. Most people experience major stresses in life due to a demanding, hectic lifestyle. This causes disruptions in the body and can lead to physical problems. These emotional and mental stresses eventually block this flow of energy, interrupting its flow. Eventually this block will work its way into the body, disrupting the balance of energy flow, which leads to major health problems and dis-ease.

My healing treats and clears the energy blockages, restores the balance of energy flow to the body raising your vibrational rate. Once these energy blocks are cleared and the energy flow restored, physical healing can take place.

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What happens during a healing?

My healing sessions usually last one hour.

At the first session, I explain exactly what will happen, complete the registration process, and discuss your requirements and expectations. We then immediately proceed to the healing stage.

The treatment is generally performed on a client who is fully reclined, face upwards, on a massage table. It may also be performed when sitting in a chair, if preferred. The client is fully clothed, preferably wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing.

As mentioned previously, my healing is not “hands-on” therapy and it does not involve my touching you. I will silently signal the start and end of the session by gently tapping you on one shoulder but even then, I will never touch you unless I have your permission. My hands will be held close to your energy centres palms-downward, about 15 to 40 centimetres away from the body. In my healing method there are a number of standard positions where the healer’s hands interface with the recipient’s energy field. There are about 30 energy centres where I do my work. In certain cases, my hands may be guided by unseen helpers to a particular area above the place where there is a need for healing, which may not necessarily be the same place where you are feeling pain.

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During the session I may play soft relaxing music in the background to evoke an atmosphere of calm and stillness. If silence is preferred, that is respected. I would encourage you to speak at any time if there is anything you wish to communicate, for example the level of volume of the music, or if there is any discomfort or anxiety.

During the healing session, I become the channel, a bridge, whereby God’s or Source healing energy is passed on to you. The principle of my healing is that the whole process is the responsibility of God and collective beings of light, while my role is to hold an unconditional space where the most perfect healing can manifest for you. It is this unconditional, dedicated space where literally anything can happen. No two healings are ever the same, because the manifested healing is matched exactly to your needs.

Most clients feel relaxed and peaceful during the session and may even fall asleep. This is nothing to worry about since you will still receive all the benefits of the healing session, sleeping or awake.

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You may feel a slight tingling during the session; some recipients feel a slight warmth as the energy comes through, conversely others feel the energy as cool. Some people feel absolutely nothing - it does not matter what sensations you may feel - everyone reacts differently and what you feel is not an indication of the treatment’s effectiveness. However, my clients always feel relaxed and peaceful.

After the session, we will ensure that you are grounded and will offer you water and advise you to drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day and eat light healthy food, avoiding alcohol. Most recipients observe improved sleeping habits and a calmer frame of mind in the days following a session. It is not my place to diagnose the recipient, the perfect appropriate healing will have been passed on to the client from God and collective beings of light for their highest good. I am merely the facilitator.

Healing is not an event but rather a process and it can take up to 21 days. Additional sessions may be necessary however some conditions can clear immediately or within a short timescale. However, it is important that you are aware that it is how you respond to God's loving energy that will determine whether you become healed or not. You are part of the healing process too.

Every healing is different. Many people, after trying one session, go on to purchase a series of sessions to progressively work on their current wellness goals.

My healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine and works best as a complementary therapy, in conjunction with any treatment you may be receiving from your medical practitioner.

I lovingly invite you to read more about who you are and the world you live in, so Click Here to go to the next page "Some Home Truths" and I look forward to meeting you when you are ready for healing and changing your lives forever.

Anthony Stewart, BCMA Reg.


My healing is a natural healing system of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation only and supports people with various conditions.

My healing is a natural healing system of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation only and supports people with various conditions.

My healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Always consult your health care professional or General Practitioner first.

As a healing practitioner, I do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do I perform medical treatment, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. I do not claim to treat, heal or cure any medical condition.

My healing is meant only to compliment medical treatments and not to replace them.

We strongly recommended you see a licensed physician, GP or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment whether it be acute or chronic that you may be suffering from or suspect that you may have.


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